Does walking through your property feel like walking through a jungle? If so, you’re probably a great candidate for underbrush clearing. The professionals at Clean Cut Land Services offer expert underbrush clearing services for ranch, deer leases, home and business owners in East Texas
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Underbrushing is a less intensive version of land clearing. Unlike traditional land clearing, we won’t demolish everything and leave you with only bare dirt on your lot. Instead, we’ll clean up thick entanglements of growth to leave your land looking healthy and lush, but not too overgrown. Removing the underbrush helps your remaining trees to grow healthy without all the needless under growth stealing nutrients from the soil.


When you want to prepare a piece of property for development or construction, you need an experienced site work contractor to help clear the land and handle the heavy machinery work. Clean Cut Land Services offers site clearing services to make sure your land is ready for building.

Clean Cut offers land clearing services to help make your property more usable, more enjoyable, and safer. Removal of dead trees, overgrown bushes while also creating a defensible space around your home immediately removes all hazardous fuel for a fire and adds beautiful space to your land. Understanding that each property has unique needs, we work with to efficiently, safely, and thoroughly complete each clearing project on time and within budget.


he hydro-ax is a very powerful tool that does several jobs at once: chops trees, mows down brush and converts everything it touches into instant mulch. The Hydro Ax can chomp trees up to 10” in diameter leaving small chunks of mulch that preserve the nutrients and ground water creating a healthy habitat for the remaining trees. It is usually common to associate the terms hydro ax under brushing or hydro ax mulching with forestry mulching.


If you’re trying to decide whether you need an underbrushing service or hydro ax mulching, you should learn the difference between them. The hydro-ax is a precision tool, designed to help remove specific trees and thick vegetation that are unwanted while leaving desirable plant life intact. There are certain situations where traditional land clearing or underbrushing is a better choice than hydro-axing.

  • Shred thick tree branches into mulch
  • Grind trees into mulch
  • Shred unwanted underbrush into mulch
  • Clear your land 10 times faster than you could by hand
  • Provide usable mulch for your landscaping and garden
  • Help you lower your carbon footprint